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The life and times of a single X chromosome

A tale of non-disjunction

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This community has been created for discussion of (and to dispel the myths surrounding) Turners Syndrome. If you yourself have Turners, i'd love to hear from you, so come along!

If you've recently been diagnosed, or have a child who's been diagnosed with this syndrome, and you'd like some advice from people who've been through the same thing, this is a good place to start!

If you're just curious, feel free to hop in and start asking questions. I'm eager to answer them, since I despise misinformation, so i've spent a lot of time researching the syndrome. (being a geneticist has helped a good deal with this!) If you'd rather query me privately or wish to let me know about a technical problem with the community please drop me a line.

This community is maintained by lunariia - contact Lunariia@yahoo.com

Please be aware that for some queries, i'm likely to refer you to your consultant or GP, who will be able to answer them with much fuller knowledge of your specific case.

I look forward to hearing from you.